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Basic Care


Griffins are very much like the mythical creatures on Earth. They have general fur over the bottom half of their bodies, as well as a feathery mane towards the top half of their body. Tufts on their head serve as ears, and despite having their nose in their beak, they smell very well. They have three sets of limbs: feathery eagle wings, the back feet of a lion, and the front feet/talons of an eagle. Their tail is much like a lion's as well, with a tuft at the end that helps them keep their balance in the sky. Rather than having green blood like dragons, they actually have blue blood.

Scarlet -- Scarlet dragons are the largest of all the females, and the only egg-layers of the lot. This being the case, they also form the leadership of the Eyrie they reside in, alongside a chosen male rider: either appointed, or the rider of the griffin that catches the scarlet. Most of the time they are powerful in mind and magic, although there are some who have an obvious distaste for such things. Colors of scarlet can range from a deep, wine like red to a very light pinkish scarlet.

Black -- Black griffins are the largest of all the males and the most common fathers of the clutches in the Eyrie, although Violet griffins have been known to catch occasionally. Being that large, they are not the best at maneuvering in the sky, but there are many a black griffin small enough to be extremely agile. Colors of black are usually quite uniform, although some can appear almost smokey in same areas.

Silver -- Silver griffins are the second largest females, although they do not have the ability to lay fertile eggs (although they do lay eggs that do not hatch, usually up to four.) Learned historians of Me'stad believe that the smaller females were affected differently by the concoction used to mutate the gryph eggs long ago, making them lay nonfertile eggs. Colors of silver range through a shiny silver down to a very dull blackish silver.

Violet -- Violet griffins are the second largest males, although this doesn't stop them from being appointed often to the status of Eyrleader, or achiving it themselves in a flight. Colors of violet are widespread from a dark, maroon purple to a very light lavender.

Saffron -- Saffron griffins are the third largest females and, just like silvers, do not have the ability to lay fertile eggs ( although they do lay nonfertile ones, usually up to two.) Saffron is usually wideranged from gold to a light yellow to a bright yellow.

Gray -- Gray griffins are the third largest male, rather stuck in the middle in the way of size. Even though this is true, there were several gray griffin riers that were appointed to the status of Eyrleader in hard times, although they would never be able to achieve this during a flight, for their size is against them. The color of gray can be very dark or very light, or even range all the way to black or silver some places.

White -- White griffins are the smallest females there are, and certainly do not have the ability to lay fertile eggs (only rarely do they lay eggs at all, and when they do it is usually a single small one.) Colors of white are usually the same, and usually carry accents of different colors in them.

Blue -- Blue griffins are the smallest male of all, and also the smallest griffin there is period. Only once or twice in history have one of these griffins been appointed to Eyrleader, but it is a possible achievement if the rider is capable enough. Colors of blue encompass the whole range of blue color, making them have a healthy range of shades.

~ The color of a rider's griffin does not hold back what rank they can achieve, other than becoming Eyrlady. Eyrleader is truly available to all, as technically any color griffinrider can be appointed to the position. ~

Griffin names are easily distinguishable and are unique to each griffin, with the exception of the final syllable.

Female griffins: End in -la or -le. Male griffins: End in -il or -el.

Scarlet: 30 - 35 meters.
Black: 25 - 30 meters.
Silver: 20 - 25 meters.
Violet: 20 - 25 meters.
Saffron: 15 - 20 meters.
Gray: 15 - 20 meters.
White: 10 - 15 meters.
Blue: 10 - 15 meters.

Information from Me'stad MUSH +news files, copyrighted to Aislynn