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Basic Care


Welcome to the new homepage for the Me'stad Griffinhealer Alliance! This page will be devoted to information for Griffinhealers and all other players on Me'stad MUSH. Me'stad is a world where a race of Felines have settled in order to escape the corrupting influences of human-driven technology. They have already survived an initial attack by a hostile reptilian race known as the Haaraki, and since then have undertaken several initiatives to protect Me'stad from future invaders. The preparations have included some judicious genetic tinkering with two of Me'stad's native species, the gryphs and drakes. These became the griffins and dragons respectively, and certain Felines impress to these creatures at birth to become bonded riders.

The Griffinhealer Alliance is the craft specializing in care of griffins. Alliance members progress from apprentices up through journeymen, and finally may attain the rank of master. Griffinhealers can initially choose to concentrate in one of several specialties, including Mind-Bond, Emergency, Anatomy and Medicine. Masters may then choose to sub-concentrate in another area. Currently the Alliance is under Master Griffinhealer Iani, and is located in the Griffinhealing Complex at Ris'nali Den.

All characters mentioned on this page are copyrighted to their respective owners. Me'stad MUSH is copyrighted to Aislynn.