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Basic Care


Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine involves the medical techniques required during situations when a griffin is seriously injured and possibly at risk of dying. Time is of the essence in these situations, and a griffinhealer specializing in Emergency Medicine has to be able to keep calm and maintain rational thought processes under pressure. The medical techniques are drawn from the general body of Medicine, but Emergency Medicine differs somewhat in terms of how that knowledge is applied. Emergency Medicine is more concerned with procedures that will stabilize the griffin's immediate medical situation, which can involve extensive repair and surgical work on short notice.

Medicine represents the basic core concentration of knowledge. All griffinhealers will have working knowledge of medical techniques, but those who specialize in Medicine will posses a greater knowledge of medical theory. Greater understanding in Medicine comes not only from the practical applications of certain techniques, but also an appreciation for the overall theory which the techniques stem from. A griffinhealer who has mastered the craft sees the body not as an assemblage of individual parts, but takes the more holistic approach. In practice, Medicine is distinguished from Emergency Medicine both by its greater theoretical depth as well as its longer-term healing and therapy.